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I-story 2000-2006

Babylon Station was one of the pioneer live dub acts in Czech Republic. At least it was one of the most spiritual dub bands healing the nation with positive vibrations and straight message deeply inspired by Rastafari and Orthodox Christian Church. On our concerts listeners became the part of the prayer, not only enjoying the dub music, but also the lyrics and overall atmosphere...

We started with quite ambient and experimental sownd which mutated to later mixture of dub, dancehall and some trance elements glued together by THE MESSAGE. This is how we were accepted by the audience on various reggae-dub-culture events not only in Czech Republic...


The Train on CD Various: One Step Behind the Sound vol.III (GunJah, 2001)
CD Original Recordings (GunJah, 2002)
Unity on CD Various: One Step Behind the Sound vol.IV (GunJah, 2003)
7"SP Food fi di Youth / Poust (GunJah, 2004)
Dub fi di Youth on 12"LP Various: Dub Shoe vol.I (Dub Flash, 2004)
Dub fi di Youth on CD Various: Dub Royal, The Best of Dub Flash (Dub Flash, 2005)
CD Live at Studio1 (GunJah, 2005)
7"SP I wasn´t Born to Suffer (GunJah, 2005)
7"SP Run Babylon / Freedom Dub (GunJah, 2005)
7"SP Selah / Mentality (GunJah, 2007)
7"SP Everyday / New Cycle (GunJah, 2007)